Professional Pet Dog Photographer

Professional Pet Photography: Frankie

Autumn Inspired Professional Pet Photography: Featuring Frankie the Pug!

Frankie was an absolute model pug at her professional pet photoshoot! She enjoyed putting her best foot forward, posing for a full half of a second, which is enough for me to capture her little (big!) personality. Frankie is just shy of 2 years old, which means she is a bundle of energy, full of sass and loves exploring. Like most smaller dogs, she also thinks she is bigger than her actual size, especially with other dogs around!

Professional Pet Dog Photographer
Frankie’s Treasure Box of Textured Prints

Frankie has been with her mum since just 8 weeks old. It’s easy to see how much Frankie adores her (and vice versa!).

Frankie’s pet photoshoot was inspired by autumn, with crunchy, colourful leaves! With so much variety in Frankie’s photos, it will be a tricky to choose a favourite! Which image would you choose? Let me know in the comments below!

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