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Makeup Tips for your Professional Portrait

As a portrait photographer, I like to make sure every last detail is perfect. When we plan your photoshoot, we cover what your portrait is for, whether it’s a headshot, or family photo, the location, what to wear and from there I help put together the perfect lighting and settings to create your perfect portrait.

It’s important to remember another component of planning that will make a huge difference to your final portrait – makeup! Confidence is huge factor to consider, if you feel great, you will look great!

Let’s meet the beautiful Elly. She is gorgeous just how she is, there is absolutely no doubt about that! The difference that professional hair and makeup can do is quite remarkable, as you will see! Here, I teamed up with Andrea Maree Beauty (here’s her link) to bring you some tips and tricks.

Let’s face it (see what I did there?), when it comes to having your portrait taken, you will want to make sure your hair and makeup is on point!

Let’s start with the before.

Note that in these progressive before/ natural look/ beauty look images, I have not retouched them. Her posing and lighting is all very similar, what changes is her makeup and hair!

See! I told you she was gorgeous. Cameras have a way of picking up all sorts of detail, some of which is great! Other things, like blemishes, or tiredness can also come to the forefront of your portrait, which is why we can use makeup to help us get camera- ready.

A Natural Look:

professional branding portrait and headshot

Here, Elly has had her hair professionally styled (wow!) and a light application of makeup. She is wearing concealer, foundation, a swish of bronzer, a light colour on the eyelids, defined brows, a touch of mascara and a neutral lip colour.

If you are someone who doesn’t normally wear makeup, this is what I would recommend you consider for your portrait. A handy rule of thumb is to go a little more makeup than your ‘usual’.

Pro Tip: Consider a matte finish foundation, skip the shimmer or sparkle for your portraits. While they look lovely in real life, it can look greasy in front of the lights.

Pro Tip: If you’re prone to feeling hot and sweaty, use blotting paper and a little touch of powder to take away the shine. This goes for both men and women!

Turn on the Beauty Look

professional branding portrait and headshot

Here, Andrea dialled up the beauty makeup, adding her contouring magic. In the same way that I use my lights to create light and shadow to flatter your portraits, she does the same thing with her makeup, to add depth and that extra bit of wow. She has also added her luxury silk lashes to accentuate Elly’s beautiful eyes.

When you really want to look your best, lashes will fill in your lash line and if you aren’t used to wearing them, I recommend practicing at home a few times to get it right, or just leave it to the pro’s! There are different lashes available and your makeup artist will help you to find your perfect match.

Pro Tip: Contoured eyes and lashes will further define your eye and really showcase your smiling and confident eyes.

Pro Tip: Neutral lip colour will help draw attention to your eyes and stop the viewer in their tracks.

Want to see all three: side by side?

As you can see, there are different levels of makeup application you can choose to suit your style, natural or beauty. It not only refines your appearance, it can also give you a big boost of confidence too!

Andrea Maree Beauty is located in Wollongong. She would love to hear from you.

If you prefer to have someone come to you, I recommend getting in touch with South Coast Hair and Makeup (link here).

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