Scribbly Gum Photography Turns Five!

It’s my fifth business birthday!! And I would love for you to celebrate with me.
PS – There’s a special family photoshoot giveaway to celebrate in style.

Photoshoot giveaway

See where I started, where I am now, some fun photoshoot facts and be sure to enter my celebratory photoshoot giveaway!

What a journey it’s been. How lucky I am to be able to showcase the personalities of my clients.

At the risk of sounding very cliche, it all started after my eldest son was born. I wanted to remember how small he was, the little details, but in the comfort of my home and in a style that I loved. I couldn’t find this, so I decided that it could be something I could offer to others.

Newborns: Where I started to where I am now. Slide the arrows to view both images.

I was already a hobby photographer, playing with manual mode already for around 10 years. I wasn’t new to the camera, but I definitely underestimated how much learning I had in front of me. I practiced, and practiced. And practiced some more.

Maternity: Where I started to where I am now. Slide the arrows to view both images.

I do like to learn though!

I started with newborn safety, wrapping tutorials and basic lighting techniques. I built up my mobile studio and jumped into learning about running a business.

Families: Where I started to where I am now. Slide the arrows to view both images.

I see photography as so much more than taking a photo. You might book me to “take the photo”, but what I actually do is to tell your story. I showcase your personality. I celebrate your family and business milestones with you. And long after your photoshoot has ended?

You have created your legacy.

Fun Photoshoot Facts:

Silliest Thing I’ve Asked A Client To Do On A Photoshoot:
Wear a shower curtain. Yes, I did! We still laugh about it to this day. And you know what? The final result is stunning, and you would never know it was an actual shower curtain.

Most Unexpected Thing To Happen On A Photoshoot: Recently, I was mid-way through a two-location maternity photoshoot. First part at home, then the second part was to be at the beach. It started raining right before we were due to leave, so we had to decide what to do. Do we stay at their home and change up what we are doing, or head to the beach as planned, despite the rain. I made the call, let’s go to the beach and have fun with whatever the weather does. As we were preparing to leave, the dad-to-be asks if it’s ok for him to propose when we are at the beach. Of course I was SO excited!! The rain stopped, there was no one on the beach and a beautiful, soft pink sunset to celebrate this joyful moment. Best part of all? She had no idea. 😀

My Easiest Photoshoot: I would say my niece, who was born early in 2022. We had many hands on deck to help keep her older sister entertained. In a way, I was spending the day with my family, so it didn’t feel like I was working. She slept like a dream, I even wiped her butt with a cold wipe and she managed to stay asleep. She actually fulfilled the term, sleep like a baby.

My Hardest Photoshoot(s): Without doubt it would be my volunteer photoshoots with Heartfelt. If you’re not familiar, learn more about it on my About page here.

My Longest Photoshoot: A wedding that I photographed, weddings are always the longest! There are always so many things happening, it’s busy the whole time!

My Shortest Photoshoot: Whenever someone needs one headshot! There’s still the prep and setup time though, it’s never as quick as I expect it will be.

My Most Adventurous Photoshoot: My underwater photoshoots! My very first one was a big challenge. I was already nauseous from being in my first trimester with my third and I was bobbing around in the gentle current. Then, diving down repeatedly, learning as I was going!

Have you been wanting to update your Family Portraits?
Enter the Photoshoot Giveaway today!

To celebrate my 5th business birthday, I have put together a very special Portrait Experience. Celebrations last for more than a day though, so for the rest of August, you have the opportunity to enter to win!

You know what they say, you have to be in it to win it! Good luck!

Photoshoot Giveaway

Giveaway Terms and Conditions:

  • Entry must be made via application form. Incomplete entries are not included. Entries close at 5pm AEST, 31st August 2022.
  • Giveaway can not be transferred to other individual or used as a gift voucher.
  • Giveaway prize cannot be split across multiple photoshoots.
  • Giveaway print size is 5×7 inches.
  • If the winner does not redeem the prize, it will be passed on to a runner up.
  • Photoshoot date to be booked by 30th September 2022 and completed before 30th August, 2023.
  • Images are for your own personal use only.
  • Photoshoots can be of any personal nature: Family/ Maternity/ Newborn/ First Birthday/ Christmas.
  • Giveaway is open to both new and current clients.
  • Photoshoot to take place between Kiama and Cronulla, including Moss Vale.
  • Not included: Weddings, Headshots, Business and Branding photoshoots.

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