Colours of Motherhood

Have you ever felt like you’re SO alone as a mum? Wondered what on earth is wrong with you, that it’s so much harder than you expected.

It’s not all doom and gloom though, because there are so many beautiful moments in motherhood that are worth celebrating and remembering too.

Every mama has a story, and by sharing these stories, it is my hope that we can challenge the perfectionist, ‘do it all’ ideal that so many of us feel is the expectation. Every mama, no matter the circumstance has challenges. I know for me, these challenges have been incredibly isolating. Maybe I can help someone else know that they are not alone through sharing my experiences.

Have you ever wondered if anyone else feels similarly? In whatever it is that you’re feeling? Let’s find out.

Welcome to Colours of Motherhood.

Colours of Motherhood is going to become a collection of real mama’s stories. It will share both the challenges motherhood brings, that is often a hidden reality of motherhood. It’s putting together the opposites of the beauty, love and challenges to remind us that all these feelings and experiences can, and do co-exist.

My hope is that this project might also help mums feel a little less lonely and a little less isolated in knowing that there are not alone in this rollercoaster. The ultimate goal is to celebrate motherhood in a way where can speak about, validate and feel connected through our mothering stories.

Sounds Amazing! What’s Next?

I am currently looking for a diverse group of mums to participate in this project. These mums will share a part their Mothering story. I’d love to hear about what has significantly impacted your Mothering. As a jumping off point for ideas, this could be anything from your fertility journey, pregnancy, birth story, how’s it feel to be a working mum, or a stay-at-home mum, how you find life as a FIFO partner, single mum life, what’s it like having twins, how you’re Mothering in a different culture to what you grew up in.

Please consider entering your interest to participate below.

Every mum has a story to tell, what is yours?

I will work to create a unique image of you, a creative interpretation of your experience to go with your story. This is very much a collaborative project, your input is appreciated. I respect that your story could be difficult to share. Please know if you have a story you can share, but would like to remain private, I can maintain your anonymity and still create an impactful image.

Please register your interest to participate using the form below. I will need a certain number of participants to move forward with the next step of the Colours with Motherhood project. I’d be so grateful if you could submit your interest, and then share this page to your friends, work colleagues, aunt, grandmother… everyone you think might be interested!

Thank you in advance,

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can participate?

Any mum, mother – figure, mum-to-be, grandmother.

How does it work?

1. Submit expression of interest to participate.
2. Selected participants will be given questions and have their story recorded.
3. A photoshoot with Rachel to create an image reflective of that story.

What will participants need to do?

Submit your story (see below) . You will also attend a photoshoot to have their photo taken (by Scribbly Gum Photography) as part of the project. The photoshoot will take place in the Wollongong region.

I don’t know how to write an engaging story, but I’m happy to participate.

There’s a few ways you can share your story, from writing it out and sending it to me, having a chat and coffee and recording it, or over Zoom. Whichever way is easiest for you. I have set questions to kick it off, but then from there you can expand as much as you feel comfortable.

Will my baby/ kids be photographed?

No, this is for the mums only.