Newborn and Family Photoshoot: Welcome, Carina!

Carina’s parents are currently living in Kiama, having relocated a few years ago from the US. To celebrate the arrival of their baby girl’s safe arrival and the stunning location, we decided to head out to the little blowhole for their family portraits. The ocean swell was perfect, the weather was gorgeous and what a way to welcome little Carina into the family.

Carina’s name is inspired by the Carina constellation, which is only able to seen in the Southern Hemisphere.

Carina with her constellation swaddle wrap.

Corona came from the US with Nicole and Danny. I’m not too sure how he feels about not being the only child anymore! Regardless, we had to include him in a family portrait too!

Printing your images is a wonderful and easy way to enjoy your portraits every day (with absolutely zero effort!). Carina will grow, start to recognise herself and I have no doubt her parents will be telling her stories of when she was the size of just a tiny, little bub.

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Often during the planning consult, parents will ask about including an important keepsake, or gift into a photo with their new baby. As a custom photographer, I am always happy to accommodate special requests. Never before have I been asked to take a baby portrait with a huge slice of cheese. Yep! This cheese is normally worn on adult’s heads, however Carina was far too small for that, so we did something a little different. We had a laugh, we even incorporated the University colours and made sure Carina was safe (she was always being supported with dad’s hands) throughout. Take a peek through the gallery below to find the cheese!

Carina’s Family and Newborn Gallery:

Nicole’s gorgeous kimono is from My Room in Kiama. Click here to view their Instagram page. The stunning flowers are from Always Flowers in Kiama. Here is their website.

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