6 Benefits of an In-home Newborn Photoshoot

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when you’re planning to book a newborn photographer. Where do you start?!

With my mobile studio, I bring everything we need to you! Today, we’ll look at 6 big benefits of an in-home Newborn Photoshoot.

Benefit 1: No Need to Travel!

Let’s think about the future for a minute… You’ve just had a baby! You are surviving on a concoction of toast, coffee, painkillers and the odd piece of toast with a touch of shuteye here and there. It’s so easy to become overwhelmed. You are exhausted, sore and the focus is counting wet nappies and feeds.

One big difference between a lot of photographers is where they will take your newborn portraits. Save your energy for your baby and let me come to you. Scribbly Gum Photography provides a experienced on location photographer and clients just love the level of service this includes!

newborn baby photography

Benefit 2: Comfort and Convenience

When you book an in-home Newborn Photoshoot, you don’t have to pack any bags, snacks, clothes (and spare clothes!), or forget to bring the special blanket that your Nonna crocheted for your baby.You also have your feeding chair, breastfeeding pillow, and any other feeding comforts at hand, ready for anything your baby might need during the photoshoot.

Having your photographer come to you for a in home photoshoot is the ultimate convenience, saving you time and effort! There are also no worries about getting out and about in various weather scenarios, it’s just so easy to stay home with a newborn.

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Will My Home be Big Enough/ Tidy Enough?

This is a question I hear a lot, so it’s worth taking a bit of a closer look at. Honestly? A skilled photographer will be able to take beautiful newborn portraits in any home.

You can leave the laundry on the couch and the toys as they are. As a mum myself, I know how hard it can be to keep everything neat and tidy, so please don’t worry about it.

Another concern I hear often is about the light in your home. We can always do a quick walk-through of your home at your pre-photoshoot consultation. I have photographed newborn portraits in a variety of different homes. I have lighting equipment that I bring with me to ensure the very best results for your images. You would never know what the weather was doing outside – it could be hailing, raining or a sunny bluebird day – what’s important is that it doesn’t affect the outcome of your baby’s portraits.

Wollongong Newborn Photographer

Benefit 3: Easy to Include your other Children or Fur-children.

Add a toddler to the mix and staying home becomes a sanity saver. Toddlers are always more relaxed and less overwhelmed in their own environment and safe spaces. They can be dressed at the very last minute, do that wee that they insisted they didn’t need to do, have their favourite snacks, or go down for a nap while baby has their portraits taken.

Toddlers often like to stay still for precisely 0.1 second. It’s important to remember that they are also adjusting to becoming a big brother or sister. Their home is a safe place for them. An in-home photoshoot provides a wonderful opportunity to have them included in the photoshoot, stress free, for short periods of time. In their own environments, toddlers have greater confidence to be themselves and let their personalities shine, which will be evident in the final portraits.

Wollongong Family and Newborn Photographer

Benefit 4: Outfit Changes are Easier

Last minute decision on which shirt to wear? Don’t stress, I have helped other parents decide and I can help you too. You can have a mobile hair/ makeup artist come to you (ask me who I’d recommend!), or if you prefer to keep it more low key, your own bathroom to get ready. Having a toddler outfit ready to pop on at the very last minute can also be a big stress-reliever!

You might choose to have bub nappy free for your family portraits. Imagine a big poo explosion right as you’re about to start! Being at home makes it easy and convenient to change if needed.

Newborn Baby Photography

Benefit 5: Your Home Surroundings Can Be Included

You and your family are unique and your photoshoot can be too. Your home is a personal space. When you include some surroundings of your home in your photoshoot, it will bring an element of a unique design to your gallery of images. A decorated nursery can really personalise your images!

This can also include the backyard, or a special outdoor location close to your home. Parents have the option of taking their baby into their backyard for an outdoor portrait, without the effort of having to go anywhere or pack any bags.

outdoor Kiama family newborn photographer

Benefit 6: Complimentary Wall Design

When I come back to show you the images, I will have pre-prepared a complimentary wall design with your new baby’s portraits. There are so many factors to consider when printing your portraits. I help to steer you through. This saves you SO much time and effort! You don’t need to try and haul your new baby out to the shops to find a carpark, print your photos, find a frame, realise the photo didn’t print nicely (AT ALL!).. the list goes on. There are many factors to consider when choosing your wall design; from finish, size, how to compliment your art with your decor… we can cover them together, so that you can continue focussing on taking care of your new baby, and yourself!

in home Wollongong newborn photographer

If you are thinking about having an in home newborn photoshoot, I hope these benefits have helped you. Rachel is located at Wollongong and happily travels to the South Coast, Illawarra, Southern Highlands, Sydney and beyond.

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