Wollongong newborn photographer

Wollongong Newborn Photoshoot with the Johnston Family

Wollongong Newborn Photoshoot

When you add a third kiddo to the mix, you know for sure that you’re going to be way too tired to remember what it was like when they were a newborn. So, what do you do? 

A newborn and family photoshoot of course! Welcome, Billy and a big congratulations to the Johnston family! He has already snuggled himself into the family dynamics. Billy was just three weeks old at his photoshoot. It’s the tiny details that will be remembered; his content, blue eyed gaze, his tiny toes and his adorable lips.

He was a happy little cherub for his photoshoot, we set up in the living room of their home which made it really easy for Mum and Dad to relax, and for Roxy and Vaughn to play and snack in between having their photos taken.

Wollongong newborn photographer

Roxy’s favourite portrait!

A gorgeous framed trio of the kid’s portraits, ready for them to point themselves out to their family and friends who come to visit.

Wollongong Newborn Photographer

To celebrate the growing family, we created a gorgeous, custom album. I’m not sure who will love turning the pages more and talking about the photos – the parents or the kids!

Want to see more? Here’s the gallery of the Newborn and Family Photoshoot

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