Custom Pet Portraits

Custom Pet Portraits | Meet Roxy

Custom Pet Portraits | Meet Roxy

Following their wedding earlier this year, Emma & Dennis decided to expand their family with a beautiful baby girl, Custom Pet PortraitsRoxy. Roxy is a gorgeous Jack Russell, photographed while she was still an itty bitty puppy at just 9 weeks old.

“We decided to have custom pet portraits because it’s great way to remember how small they were. When they are puppies they grow so fast.”

Roxy is a beautiful and cheeky. She is a bundle of energy, very friendly but can also be stubborn. I think Emma and Dennis will have their hands full!

Emma and Dennis said they have both always loved dogs and couldn’t wait until they had their own place to be able to bring one home. Roxy has already become a part of their family, she loves to walk and visit Nonna and Pops.

Custom Pet Portraits

With Roxy’s age, we decided to proceed with an indoor photoshoot. She was able to safely explore, just like any puppy loves to do. It also meant we were able to capture a variety of stunning images of her. Her portraits capture her smallness, her playful nature and personality.

Roxy has been settling in to her new home really well. She has started toilet training and will be off to puppy preschool in no time at all.

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