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How maternity and newborn photography has helped my toddler adjust.

Maternity and Newborn photography has made such a positive impact in helping my toddler, who is two, adjust to maternity and newborn photographythe arrival of our new bundle of joy. Of course, in the lead-up, I sought the advice of other experienced mums. Much of this advice included things like reading big brother books, talking about what’s going to happen, emphasising how special the toddler is to us… He even played baby at daycare and would come home, practicing burping and wrapping his favourite bunny. I felt that he was as prepared as you can get, however I still wondered how he would adjust when reality hit.

Once our newborn came home, I took a selection of photos with each family member with our new baby. I had a vision of creating a custom framed piece that was going to be hung in our hallway, right in front of our bedrooms. I love black and white portraits, so it was an easy decision to display all the photos in black and white. This artwork tells a story and highlights the importance of each family member welcoming the new baby into our lives.

maternity and newborn photography

As a mum, I absolutely love these photos, however, it wasn’t until after it was hanging on the wall did I realise how much the photography helped my toddler adjust to the new baby. He is such a proud big brother. He loves to show the photos to every visitor that comes to see us and points out everyone in the pictures. Having these photos up on display have helped him be confident in his new role, while still being assured that he is a special part of our family.

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