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Wollongong Newborn Photoshoot | Harrison

Little Harry was just perfect at his recent in-home newborn photoshoot. At just 12 days old, he was already a master of many different facial expressions! He has gorgeous blue eyes and a personality to match. Harry started his photoshoot cheerfully awake, but succumbed to a nice big sleep for the remainder. A behind the… Continue reading Wollongong Newborn Photoshoot | Harrison

Professional Maternity Photoshoot

Professional Maternity Photoshoot | Maddie and Matt

Professional Maternity Photoshoot with Maddie and Matt Maddie and Matt are due to welcome their new Bub, but before they do that they decided to capture their journey and celebrate their growing family with a professional maternity photoshoot. After some recent rain, we decided to head to a local waterfall. Both Maddie and Matt love… Continue reading Professional Maternity Photoshoot | Maddie and Matt

Outdoor Maternity Photoshoot

Jess’ Outdoor Maternity Photoshoot

Jess' outdoor maternity photoshoot was nearly cancelled. With limited time constraints (she was due any day!!) and not living locally, we didn't have many options to reschedule. As we drove to the location of the photoshoot, it started to sprinkle a little, then rain. 10 minutes later, I was worried that my car windscreen was… Continue reading Jess’ Outdoor Maternity Photoshoot


Why I Chose To Have A Maternity Photoshoot

This was my first pregnancy. It would be an understatement to say that my expectations versus reality did not line up. My story: choosing to celebrate a difficult pregnancy When I first became pregnant, I immediately wanted to document my pregnancy and take photos of the bump growing and have a cute maternity shoot. I… Continue reading Why I Chose To Have A Maternity Photoshoot