First Birthday

Outdoor First Birthday Photoshoot | Zoe

Outdoor First Birthday Photoshoot | Zoe

Little Miss Zoe’s outdoor first birthday photoshoot concludes the Grow with Me bundle. This bundle captures the milestones and changes over baby’s first year. We headed out on a gloriously warm and sunny day to a gorgeous location featuring a green leafy background, rustic bricks and wooden planks.

Zoe’s pondering what mischief to get up to later.

Zoe had such a fun time at her photoshoot! She couldn’t resist herself, even though she was teething and tired, once she was exploring and eating her favourite summer fruits, she was showing us some great big smiles! She even showed us her signature head back, bask in the fun pose that her mum loves! Sitting with her feet crossed over is another classic Zoe pose, so that was definitely captured too!

So many of her classic poses! I love that you captured her wave and how she loves to cross her ankles all the time. They are such great photos even when she had missed her nap and was teething like crazy!

Zoe’s mum, Jess

After the mess of a fruity feast, Zoe thoroughly enjoyed an extra bubbly bubble bath, splashing the water and ended up with bubbles everywhere! It might be the chubby cheeks, the gorgeous rolls or curls, but she is just divine.

Outdoor First Birthday Photoshoot

Ready to see more? Here they are!

The First Birthday Portraits

Zoe wears pink ruffle dress supplied by Scribbly Gum Photography.

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