Entertain Your Kids Indoors with Scribbly Gum Photography’s 14-Day Photo Challenge!

Stuck indoors? Wondering how on earth to keep the little people busy? Here’s one fun idea to encourage the kiddos in your home to really explore their surroundings, appreciate what they have and have fun in the process.

Let’s Have Fun!

Let’s Explore Your Kid’s Creativity with a simple and fun 14-day Photo Challenge

You can use any type of camera that you have, including your phone!

This 14-day photo challenge is designed for 3yrs+. Although, if your kids are anything like mine, they will likely want to do it all at once! Which is perfectly ok! Or you could set a time of day to explore the prompt together and create a special activity for them to complete daily.

What you can do:
1. Download the image with the prompts. You can save it to your device, or print it out!
2. Encourage your kid(s) to be creative and to think ‘outside the box’. Explore different options that all fit for the prompt and then see how they go with choosing their favourite photo for the day.
3. On your device, you can save your photo over the top of the prompt in each box.
4. Take a photo of your little one with their completed challenge and post it on Scribbly Gum Photography’s Facebook page, I can’t wait to see what they come up with!
5. For an extra special step, you can private message me your little one’s name and address – I’ll post them a personalised challenge certificate (ps – this is great step for parents too because it’s a certificate designed for them to colour in)!

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