Wollongong Beach Wedding

Arapi and Joel | Wollongong Beach Wedding

In the movies, there’s always a noticeable spark between the couple that are together. Arapi and Joel have this spark, and at the same time they also have a shared comfort in each other. Their wedding day was colourful, fun and they both had the kind of smiles that I am sure they had sore cheeks the following day.

Nestled in the pages of this gorgeous handcrafted album, are Arapi and Joel’s wedding day memories. Their friends, and family members who came to celebrate with them, the details that pass by in a blur, but not forgotten. It is covered in a coral coloured silk that has been loomed by hand in India, a colour and texture that sums up the day perfectly.

Arapi and Joel were married at the Novotel, in Wollongong. They enjoyed a Hindu ceremony, followed by a Welcome to Country acknowledgement of Country acknowledgement at the beginning of the reception.

Wollongong Beach Wedding Photographer
A vibrant, beach wedding portrait, ready to hang on their wall

It was a beautiful, sunny day. We took advantage of the perfect weather and took a little time out of the day for Arapi and Joel to soak it all in. Not only did they enjoy each other’s company and have a laugh, we also happened to create some very special portraits at that time too.

The Bridal Portraits

A stunning, freestanding panoramic print
A smaller, sized freestanding portrait block perfect for the bedside table or office desk.

Congratulations to you both! I hope that you continue to the balance of spark and comfort as you enjoy your portraits for many, many years to come.

Arapi’s Family and Bridal Preparations

Joel’s Preparations and Beginning of Ceremony

Arapi preparing and joining the Ceremony

The Reception