First Birthday Photoshoot
First Birthday

First Birthday Photoshoot: Oliver

Your baby is approaching their first birthday, it’s time to celebrate! What better way to recognise the huge achievement it is to reach this milestone than with a first birthday photoshoot. Scribbly Gum Photography is proud to offer a fun, outdoor feast with their favourite foods, followed by a splash in the tub with lots of bubbles! These photoshoots are designed to capture the very best and fun times that your baby currently enjoys: exploring everything, eating their favourite foods and splashing up a storm!

First Birthday Photoshoot

Oliver absolutely loved his photoshoot. He had a great time taste testing the leaves, (apparently I was too slow to bring the food out…!) getting his little toes dirty and splashing in the bubblebath.

With his beautiful green flecked eyes, chubby cheeks and the most beautiful eyelashes, isn’t he just adorable! I bet his cheeky grin keeps his parent’s on their toes too!

First Birthday Photoshoot
Oliver’s First Birthday

Let’s view the gallery of favourites from Oliver’s First Birthday Photoshoot:
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First birthday celebratory photoshoots can be booked at any time around their first birthday. I think it’s a wonderful idea to have the photoshoot prior to their first birthday; this means you have the opportunity to share their photos at the party!

Have you considered celebrating your little one’s milestone with a first birthday photoshoot? I Scribbly Gum Photography is excited to offer a customised, fun and outdoor celebration for you. If your little one is turning one, let’s chat!

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