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A Photographer’s Guide to Christmas Day Photos

Christmas is just about to peek around the corner! I am sure I am not the only one in a frenzy to get things organised and prepared! 

Christmas day can often be such a whirlwind of family, friends and fabulous food that often some wonderful photo opportunities might slip by. I am here to help prepare you with a some tips to document the day, but to also remind you to stop and enjoy it too. 

Knowing when to pick the phone up for a snapshot can be key. Kids and pets move so quickly! We also know that they don’t sit still and wait for us to get ready. Christmas time for many of us is about the time we spend with each other. It’s so important to have the phone and camera away too, to be sure we can be present and enjoy the little moments with family. 

Tip One: Camera Fatigue

Like every parent knows, kids have short attention spans and even less patience. Add in the excitement of Christmas and chances are, your child (or children) is a bundle of energy. Taking photo after photo will be hard work for everybody involved! My recommendation: look for quality and not quantity. Think about what photos you would like to document, have the phone handy for a couple of quick snaps and then put it back away for later.  Some of my own favourite moments to capture include opening a present, playing with the box that the present came in, face covered with delicious Christmas food (if you have a messy baby!) and a family photo. 

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Tip One: Focus on quantity not quality, to reduce camera fatigue.

Tip Two: Be Present in your Photos

Mums know how important it is to take photos of their littles growing and changing. You probably are not the first to realise that you don’t always appear in the photos with your kids. Let me gently remind you; be in the photos too! We document their lives growing up, get in front of the lens and be apart of it all. Your kids will want to have these images of you with them as they grow. 

Family Photographer
Tip Two: Make sure you feature in your kid’s photos!

Tip Three: Natural Expressions Always Win

Asking a little one to sit still, or smile, or double the challenge and ask for both at once… chances are slim. A serious baby face with their squishy chubby cheeks or a toddler being themselves with a head tilt and a squint… let them be themselves with all their quirky expressions. These documentary photos can be just as rewarding as a smile. 

Family Photoshoot
Tip Three: A beautiful moment, with natural and fun expressions. 

Tip Four: Don’t Forget to Include Everyone

Christmas is of the few times that families gather in one place at the same time. Capture the occasion. Use a self timer if you need to, because don’t forget Tip Two: being present in your photos. Relax, it doesn’t have to be perfect, after all, when you’re ready for the portrait to display on your wall, that’s what I’m here for.  Also remember to take the photo before family members need to retire for a rest. Lastly, don’t forget the furry family members! After all, they are also such an important part of the family, they deserve to be in the group photo too. 

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Tip Four: Include Everyone! From Grandma to the Furbaby.

Hope you have a wonderful and Merry Christmas, I look forward to hearing about your festivities! If you aren’t already, come and follow Scribbly Gum Photography on Facebook and Instagram

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