newborn photoshoot at home

Newborn Photoshoot at Home | Introducing Luke

Newborn Photoshoot at Home | Introducing Luke

newborn photoshoot at homeNewborn and family photos capture a time that whizzes by so quickly it feels like you blink and the baby has grown up! Despite the sleep deprivation and juggling act of introducing a sibling into the family; it’s also a very special time that a newborn photoshoot at home can capture. Having photos taken at home can help the parents and any siblings feel more comfortable and allow them to take breaks from having their photos taken. Additionally, there’s no stress about getting everyone dressed and out the door! Every mother knows how well timed those poo explosions can be!

This photoshoot captures the family’s relaxed personalities with a combination of outdoor, natural family photos, some candid, lifestyle shots and also indoor newborn photos. Don’t you agree that Luke is just so adorable in his little beanie with his big eyes and captivating gaze!

newborn photoshoot at homeLuke is such a happy, curious newborn, growing like a champion at just 9 weeks old at the time of the photoshoot. As he was a little bit older, he was enjoying watching everything that was happening.

Logan, Luke’s big brother is beyond excited to show off his new sibling. He is also the master of some great facial expressions! Logan will be such a great big brother and I’m sure he can’t wait until Luke grows a little bit bigger and chase him around their backyard.┬áBillie (the energetic cavoodle) was also very excited to be included, much to Logan’s approval.

You can easily see how much love this family has for their new addition, please feel free to leave a comment below.

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