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The Details: Meet Maddie! |  How long in business? 4 years | Hours: Mon-Fri 7.30am to 7pm | Location: 56 Wattle Rd, Shellharbour | Contact Info: Phone: 0242963907; Email: admin@villagephysios.com; www.villagephysioshellharbour.com.au


Tell us about your business….What do you do? We are physiotherapy clinic offering many services to the Shellharbour region. These include physiotherapy, osteopathy, massage therapy and pilates.



What makes your business special/unique? We strive to put our clients first offering long one on one consultations. Our aim is to find the cause of your problem not just treat the pain. We achieve this through comprehensive hands on assessments and treatment. This is then taken into an individualised rehabilitation program.


Introduce us to your staff 

Matt – has a keen interest in knee, ankle, hip, back and shoulder pain. If your up for a good chat, Matt is the one to see, he loves educating his clients. Outside the clinic Matt is a keen golfer and cricketer.

Dean – newest addition to the clinic. Dean is a highly motivated physiotherapist keen on developing his skills. Outside the clinic Dean is a keen surfer.

Amy – our resident Osteopath. She has a keen interest in sporting injuries, chronic pain and womens health. Amy is one of our pilates instructors and enjoys running and outdoor activities in her spare time.

Anne – our resident massage therapist. Anne is extremely passionate about massage therapy and its benefits. Outside the clinic Anne enjoys time spent with her family.


Tell us about YOU (Maddie)

I am 100% passionate about what I do. No The challenge of finding the cause of a clients symptoms is like putting a puzzle together – this challenge is what makes coming to work each day easy. Making people happy within their own bodies makes me happy.



Why did you choose to do what you do?

I have always loved helping people. There are many ways to help people out, but for a long time as a teenager I had a fascination with the human body. So why not combine making people happy with my fascination into a fantastic career.

Special deal (only available until the 10.4.18)
*$10 off initial consult*
*First pilates class free*

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