The 5 Best Locations for a Maternity Photoshoot

Looking for somewhere beautiful to celebrate your growing bump and family? There’s no shortage of stunning locations right here, under our nose. From rainforests, to vistas with long grass. There are beaches galore and so much more. But where do you start? And what’s the best location for you?

Let’s take a look at the 5 best locations for a maternity photoshoot.

Because when it comes to photoshoots, there’s no one size fits all.

Let’s explore some of my favourite maternity photoshoot locations. I’ll show you some examples of what other expectant mums have done. Use this as inspiration, then, let’s talk. We can celebrate your personality with the perfect location for you.

Maternity Photography Location 1: Underwater

Satisfy that adventurous side of you with an underwater maternity photoshoot. Take the weight off, feel the freedom of the water and let’s create something special for you. I bet you have questions, learn more about underwater maternity photography here.

5-best-locations-for-a-maternity-photoshoot. This one is underwater.

I absolutely loved my underwater maternity photo shoot. I was a little nervous, thinking I might look silly in the photos but they are the opposite. They are stunning, the water and light just adds such beautiful detail to the photos.


Maternity Photography Location 2: Mobile Studio

Let’s back up, for a minute. What is a mobile studio? It’s a very good question to ask. It is a photography studio setup, that I bring with me. I have backdrops, lighting and various things we need for a photoshoot to have that studio look (see below). Best of all, I can set it up in the convenience of your home.

There’s a few reasons that this might be for you:

If you are a high risk pregnancy, or struggling to get around, this might be a fabulous option for you. You can still have the opportunity to remember this moment. Let’s create some beautiful images, whilst keeping you comfortable.

Or, it might be raining bucketloads and we decide to stay indoors.

You might love that glam look.

And finally, privacy. Multiple outfit changes, showing some skin… Stunning images, in your own home with my mobile studio.

5-best-locations-for-a-maternity-photoshoot. This image shows grey background with pregnant woman wearing a black dress.

Maternity Photography Location 3: The Beach (all of them!)

Nothing better than a colourful sky, sand between your toes and having the absolute time of your life. We are lucky to have so many beautiful beaches to choose from. Toddlers and fur-babies are very welcome to join.

Choose to stay by the water, or head up into the dunes. We can change it up and mix textures with rocks, grassy sand dunes and even get lucky with some reflections.

Rachel took incredible photos of our toddler who was CRAZY on the day. She took it in her stride and captured so many very brief special moments that I would not have believed happened if I didn’t see the photos!


Maternity Photography Location 4: Long grasses at Bombo Headland

Mix colours and textures, love and connection you can feel. There are tufts of grass to hide in, with the perfect mix of colours to create a strong visual impact.

As well as the long grass, there area even more options. Play with variety, with stunning rock features and ocean backdrops as well.


Maternity Photography Location 5: Wollongong Botanic Gardens

Features you will love. Stunning greenery, ease of access and a wide array of garden styles. Can’t decide where to go?

You cannot go wrong with the Wollongong Botanic Gardens.

For the more active, the Rhododendron Gardens also have many beautiful garden vistas. Be aware the paths can get slippery after rain and there are more slopes to navigate.


What locations do you love most? I would love to hear what you think. We are lucky to have so many options, there is something for everyone. From glam, to boho. From studio to underwater. I am versatile and I am ready. What we will create for you?

The best time to book your maternity and newborn photoshoots is early into your second trimester.

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