First Birthday Photographer

A feast of your baby’s favourite foods, followed by a warm bubble bath is a special and fun way to celebrate your little one’s first birthday. It’s a wonderful milestone to celebrate!

The style of Scribbly Gum Photography’s first birthday photoshoots is natural, fun & minimalistic. This style promotes your child to be celebrated within every photo. 

  • First birthday photoshoot
  • Wollongong First Birthday Photoshoot Cake Smash
  • First Birthday Photoshoot
  • First Birthday Outdoor Photoshoot
  • First Birthday Outdoor Photoshoot Bubble bath
  • First Birthday Photoshoot
  • First Birthday Photoshoot
  • First Birthday Photoshoot
  • First Birthday Outdoor Photoshoot Cake Smash
  • Outdoor First Birthday Photoshoot

Photoshoots are held outdoors in one of the stunning locations we have throughout the Wollongong region. Travel beyond is welcome! We will be able to help you choose the perfect location and we are happy to travel to you.

If it’s chilly, the bath component can be completed in the comfort of your own home. You are encouraged to choose a food that your baby is familiar with and you know they absolutely love!

What To Expect at the First Birthday Photoshoot

Let’s celebrate your little baby’s first birthday! Your photoshoot is completely customisable. Parents love the first birthday photoshoot sequence below, which provides a fun filled experience for your little one! There are a few distinct experiences in a typical Scribbly Gum Photography first birthday photoshoot.

The birthday portraits

A delicious food feast
A super bubbly bath

There’s a few key benefits to this approach, which all focus on your baby’s happiness!

Babies love to explore and play with sticks and leaves. They are often wary of new people, so the outdoors often counteracts that initial apprehension. There’s no expectation that they will sit still, in fact, depending on what new skills they are learning, we will use that to our advantage to ensure they have a great time! The photoshoot moves through the photoshoot stages at the baby’s pace.

See For Yourself How Much Fun They Have!

To view a first birthday gallery, click on the image.

First Birthday Outdoor Photoshoot Bubble Bath
Wollongong First Birthday Photographer
First Birthday Photoshoot

We also have a selection of outfits for complimentary hire for the photoshoot, we can chat about what to wear during the consult.

Photoshoots with Scribbly Gum Photography are completely customisable. We can add/ change or adapt to suit your needs.

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